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Obama’s 2012 nowruz message, sometime to laugh

March 21, 2012 4 comments

I couldn’t stop watching it, not that it was inspiring or anything, but hilarious. I am wondering what does Obama really think about his own message? does he even watch it after recording it lol?

Nothing in this world is better than waking to the first day of spring, your family, friends and a seven “S” table with a smile on face. I have stopped writing on my blog for a while now, I mean forever lol since I’ve been really busy with studies and stuff but I’m not saying that I’m back yet, I’m here to wish you all people of the world good times and tell you about something that I’ve experienced in my own life. Life is fun, hilarious and amazingly unpredictable. I’m here to tell you all that life is also short and that you should use every minute and moment to have fun and have a smile on face, put a smile on others’ faces and do whatever you can to keep the people around you happy. People around you have the faces of God, making one single random person happy would equal making the entire mankind happy.

Obama made me laugh about 30 seconds tonight which I’m really grateful for. Yes I noticed as well, he only repeated himself and had nothing new to offer. Obama stated that Iranian people are denied the basic freedom to access the information they want. In other words Obama stated that he knows what the people of Iran want and that they don’t want nuclear energy, don’t mind the sanctions hurting their lives and they only and only want to sit in their homes and watch BBC Persian and VOA, the news media which have proven themselves to be enemies to the Iranian nation throughout the history.

He stated that “instead the Iranian government jams satellite signals to shut down television and radio broadcasts and censors the internet to control what the Iranian people can see and say” Like the Iranian people are sitting in front of their TVs watching BBC Persian and VOA and once it goes dark, Iranians can’t watch TV anymore and it’s shut down lol and I thought jamming some certain news media was something okay to do anymore, cuz certainly it wasn’t Iran who took the PressTV off the air from Europe and and started jamming its signals all over the world. People still have problems watching PressTV in some areas. This is while BBC Persian in Iran is not off the air yet and people still receive its signals with their satellites while the Iranian government could easily shut it down with pushing one single button.

Then he stated that “the Iranian regime monitors computers and cellphones for the sole purpose of protecting its own power” so really, the only reason Iranian government is still there is because it monitors cellphones and computers and got everyone under its control, and all these elections with the majority of people voting mean nothing and people are only supporting the Iranian government because their cellphones are monitored? like it’s the first time in world in some country, some cellphones are monitored. Obama shouldn’t be saying these stuff while his own government highly monitors everything people say and hear on Facebook, Twitter, cellphones and e-mail services! Obama’s own government left no privacy for American citizens and then he speaks of some cellphones being monitored in Iran… now please tell me if that’s not something to laugh about!! lol

It is because of the electronic curtain that Iran is protected from Obama’s stealth planes like RQ-170 trying to gather information from Iran in order to prepare things for an attack.

Obama says that he wants to hear what Iranians have to say and that is why they’ve created a stupid virtual embassy to connect with the Iranian people. Well the first thing Iranians have to say is that Iran needs nuclear energy and Iran government must never give up our nuclear rights and the second thing Iranians wanna say is that it was the US government who cut off the relations with Iran. The US doesn’t have keep things this way. The US could easily accept Iran’s legal rights, remove the sanctions and re-open its real embassy in Tehran. That is not an impossible, it’s what the people in white house could do tomorrow within hours.

“Suppressing ideas will never make them go away” that is so true, Obama can arrest ninety nine protesters, he can use the police to beat them on streets, the police can enter the protesters’ homes and shoot them in front of their families but the ninety nine’s idea will never go away. I wanna admire and clap loudly for the bravery Americans have been showing on their streets recently. I wanna say that their voices are heard and that they must know we will pray for their success to take back their country from people who use the American resources and people for the interests of Israel.

I wonder why Obama didn’t say a word about sanctions. The sanctions his administration have been putting on Iran which are mainly aimed at the Iranian people and not the Iranian government. He didn’t say the word sanction in his message, because his message is not just a regular Nowruz message. It’s psychological war, he keeps accusing Iranian government of different things and hides some facts. When you are watching it, you may not have enough time to consider his words and would have to eventually go on and listen to the rest of his messages, which is a real smart trick. His Nowruz message is always really really childish.

I’m really tired of Obama’s face anymore and I really hope this was his last Nowruz message. He tries so hard but he fails even harder because this is what that needs to happen. Because the world doesn’t remain the same and change is the law of life. Those who are stuck in the past or the present are certain to miss the future… “are certain to miss the future”.

The toughest sanctions ever on Iran had the minimum effects on Iran’s economy and Iran’s economy is still growing and expecting about 3.6 percent economy growth in 2012, and all this is because Iranians are working hard for the dream they all have in common. One powerful and independent Iran in all fields and among top 10 major economies by 2024.

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