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Obama’s 2012 nowruz message, sometime to laugh

March 21, 2012 4 comments

I couldn’t stop watching it, not that it was inspiring or anything, but hilarious. I am wondering what does Obama really think about his own message? does he even watch it after recording it lol?

Nothing in this world is better than waking to the first day of spring, your family, friends and a seven “S” table with a smile on face. I have stopped writing on my blog for a while now, I mean forever lol since I’ve been really busy with studies and stuff but I’m not saying that I’m back yet, I’m here to wish you all people of the world good times and tell you about something that I’ve experienced in my own life. Life is fun, hilarious and amazingly unpredictable. I’m here to tell you all that life is also short and that you should use every minute and moment to have fun and have a smile on face, put a smile on others’ faces and do whatever you can to keep the people around you happy. People around you have the faces of God, making one single random person happy would equal making the entire mankind happy.

Obama made me laugh about 30 seconds tonight which I’m really grateful for. Yes I noticed as well, he only repeated himself and had nothing new to offer. Obama stated that Iranian people are denied the basic freedom to access the information they want. In other words Obama stated that he knows what the people of Iran want and that they don’t want nuclear energy, don’t mind the sanctions hurting their lives and they only and only want to sit in their homes and watch BBC Persian and VOA, the news media which have proven themselves to be enemies to the Iranian nation throughout the history.

He stated that “instead the Iranian government jams satellite signals to shut down television and radio broadcasts and censors the internet to control what the Iranian people can see and say” Like the Iranian people are sitting in front of their TVs watching BBC Persian and VOA and once it goes dark, Iranians can’t watch TV anymore and it’s shut down lol and I thought jamming some certain news media was something okay to do anymore, cuz certainly it wasn’t Iran who took the PressTV off the air from Europe and and started jamming its signals all over the world. People still have problems watching PressTV in some areas. This is while BBC Persian in Iran is not off the air yet and people still receive its signals with their satellites while the Iranian government could easily shut it down with pushing one single button.

Then he stated that “the Iranian regime monitors computers and cellphones for the sole purpose of protecting its own power” so really, the only reason Iranian government is still there is because it monitors cellphones and computers and got everyone under its control, and all these elections with the majority of people voting mean nothing and people are only supporting the Iranian government because their cellphones are monitored? like it’s the first time in world in some country, some cellphones are monitored. Obama shouldn’t be saying these stuff while his own government highly monitors everything people say and hear on Facebook, Twitter, cellphones and e-mail services! Obama’s own government left no privacy for American citizens and then he speaks of some cellphones being monitored in Iran… now please tell me if that’s not something to laugh about!! lol

It is because of the electronic curtain that Iran is protected from Obama’s stealth planes like RQ-170 trying to gather information from Iran in order to prepare things for an attack.

Obama says that he wants to hear what Iranians have to say and that is why they’ve created a stupid virtual embassy to connect with the Iranian people. Well the first thing Iranians have to say is that Iran needs nuclear energy and Iran government must never give up our nuclear rights and the second thing Iranians wanna say is that it was the US government who cut off the relations with Iran. The US doesn’t have keep things this way. The US could easily accept Iran’s legal rights, remove the sanctions and re-open its real embassy in Tehran. That is not an impossible, it’s what the people in white house could do tomorrow within hours.

“Suppressing ideas will never make them go away” that is so true, Obama can arrest ninety nine protesters, he can use the police to beat them on streets, the police can enter the protesters’ homes and shoot them in front of their families but the ninety nine’s idea will never go away. I wanna admire and clap loudly for the bravery Americans have been showing on their streets recently. I wanna say that their voices are heard and that they must know we will pray for their success to take back their country from people who use the American resources and people for the interests of Israel.

I wonder why Obama didn’t say a word about sanctions. The sanctions his administration have been putting on Iran which are mainly aimed at the Iranian people and not the Iranian government. He didn’t say the word sanction in his message, because his message is not just a regular Nowruz message. It’s psychological war, he keeps accusing Iranian government of different things and hides some facts. When you are watching it, you may not have enough time to consider his words and would have to eventually go on and listen to the rest of his messages, which is a real smart trick. His Nowruz message is always really really childish.

I’m really tired of Obama’s face anymore and I really hope this was his last Nowruz message. He tries so hard but he fails even harder because this is what that needs to happen. Because the world doesn’t remain the same and change is the law of life. Those who are stuck in the past or the present are certain to miss the future… “are certain to miss the future”.

The toughest sanctions ever on Iran had the minimum effects on Iran’s economy and Iran’s economy is still growing and expecting about 3.6 percent economy growth in 2012, and all this is because Iranians are working hard for the dream they all have in common. One powerful and independent Iran in all fields and among top 10 major economies by 2024.

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Interesting Poll About Osama

October 3, 2011 5 comments

Interestingly, right after 9/11, most Muslim countries showed strong confidence in Osama Bin Laden but it faded away over the years as Bin Laden has failed to launch another spectacular attack. Although Iran remains an enemy of Alqaeda and Iranians show great hatred for Osama and his kinds.

Pentagon fight to keep Osama bin Laden death photos secret,  photos and videos of Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden after he was killed in May in a U.S. military/Central Intelligence Agency raid in Pakistan should not be released publicly because they would reveal military and intelligence secrets and could lead to violence against U.S. personnel, the Obama administration argued in papers filed in federal court in Washington late Monday night.

Yet some reports suggest that Osama is in the white house. lol

Well I think Obama needed Osama dead in order to win the elections, well I think this is gonna help his career a lot after all. Without declaring Osama dead, he’d lose his job in 2012….

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The Truth About Syria Unrest

August 15, 2011 2 comments

Truth unveiled! Axis of evil Saudis, Americans and Israelis thought they wanted to hijack Syria in the middle of Arab spring, but that’s not they want, they want a slap with the back of the right hand! Arab spring is naturally an anti Israel movement against puppet regimes or friends of Israel such as Mubarak, as the chief of Israel described him as Israel’s best friend. They go down, and Israel is left without friends. Is Assad anything like Mubarak? no, was he also Israel’s best friend? no, did he promise his people to free occupied Syrian lands from Israel? YES.
True Syrians’ demand for reforms in Syria is completely acceptable and legal just like Asad said, which is why he’s bringing reforms to Syria. But don’t get me wrong, do not mistake terrorists for protesters, this is what I’m going to explain for you.

Just yesterday, Lebanese army intelligence has intercepted a covert shipment of 1,000 assault rifles, reportedly destined for the city of Baniyas in Syria. Army investigators say they have uncovered ties between the smugglers and the political entourage of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who is backed by the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The hardcore Sunni Wahhabi House of Saud – in yet another towering show of hypocrisy, and faithful to its hatred of secular Arab republics – has branded the Bashar al-Assad-controlled Ba’ath regime in Syria “a killing machine”. But who would of thought? Saudi Arabia is busy killing people in another country named Bahrain, which most of the news media don’t cover since the US media have been ordered not to cover news on the Saudi allies’ brutal crackdown on Bahraini people. Reports from the Center’s colleagues in the United States say “In the US some news agencies and TV stations were asked not to report on Bahrain and not to embarrass [President Barack Obama’s administration.” Kingdom Saudi Arabia the most brutal dictatorship of all time pretends to be worried about on-going unrest in a secular Arab state? why? because Assad’s regime is anti Israel and not a puppet, which goes against Saudi influence in Middle east.

March 14 seems to be nearly exposed. Hariri the son betrayed Hariri the father, even tho Hezbollah revealed Israel’s possible involvement in his father’s assassination, he insists on selling Lebanon to Israel and Saudi Arabia. March 14 people are bunch of soulless traitors who only care about their own wealth and money in their bank accounts all over the world, they do not care about Lebanon’s freedom being threatened by Israel, in fact, their hatred toward Hezbollah makes them rather Israeli occupation, where were they when Israel had southern Lebanon occupied for decades? wasn’t it Hezbollah attacks which forced IDF to pull out? 14 March sickos’ connection with arm smuggling to Syria must be investigated, and if proven, their party’s activities must be banned and their members must be arrested.

Lebanese intelligence also eavesdropped on discussions between the suspects and an arms dealer, in which the two sides agreed on a down payment of US$100,000 once buyers were shown high-quality Kalashnikov and M-16 rifle samples. The plan was to either ship the rifles in one batch by sea to Baniyas in Syria, or to divide it into smaller batches and smuggle it through Lebanon’s northern border. The suspects and the dealer were followed and arrested by army intelligence forces on July 30, after delivery of the arms in Ras Beirut.

Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television identified the smugglers as Wassam and Samir Tamim. They have reportedly confessed to running over 30 arms-smuggling operations from Marina to Baniyas with the assistance of Mohammad Kabbara, a member of the Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc tied to Saudi intelligence. Al-Manar stated that the center of operations was Kabbara’s farm in northern Lebanon, adding that this was also a transit point for Islamist (Salafi) fighters traveling to the Syrian city of Homs.

The Syrian army claimed last week that in recent fighting near Homs it has detained hundreds of Salafi fighters (reportedly including Afghans) with Lebanese documents, whose transfer to Syria was facilitated by Kabbara.

The majority of Syrians have been always behind their government, it is not hidden to anybody that Assad’s weak intelligence forces failed to protect his country from terrorists.

One of the terrorists captured by Syrian intelligence forces confessed and said several terrorist groups were operating in Hama where their members are instructed to attack police, security personnel and law-enforcement officials in order to cause mayhem in the city.

He also said the footage broadcast by Syrian television showing people throwing mutilated bodies into a river some ten days ago was very much true, confessing, “I was among the terrorists who threw one of the dead….”

He said they mutilated the bodies of the victims with knives and swords in order to scare away security personnel and prevent them from entering Hama. Al-Kattan said terrorist leaders pay each member SYP 5000 (almost USD106) per day.

By all means, the unrest in Syria differs from the Arab uprisings since it is a ‘conspiracy’ from foreign intervention attempting to ‘reshape’ the country’s political structure. In the latest attempts, Washington and Tel Aviv hatched plots to reignite the flames of unrest in Syria through smuggling weapons into the Arab country.

Informed sources in Lebanon blame Salafi extremists and elements associated with the country’s al-Mustaqbal party for direct involvement in the recent unrest in Syria.

The Lebanese sources say former Mustaqbal MP Mustafa Hashem has rented a large number of gas stations in the northern border region of Wadi Khaled, where the nomad residents on both the Lebanese and Syrian sides of the frontier are engaged in widespread smuggling.

The United States Versus Democracy

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

As revolutions spread throughout Middle East, Bahrain has turned into a slaughterhouse for Bahraini people as Saudi Arabia sends troops to Bahrain to help Bahraini forces in oppressing people, the people who are asking for their legal rights such as an elections. the US’s silence over it is not surprising, the US itself is a big abuser of human rights but keeps complaining about human rights in the countries that do not work in interests of the its imperialism, actually that’s a cover for its own human abuses too.

Gaddafi, or should I say Iron Man?

“Of course, there is no question that Libya — and the world — would be better off with Qaddafi out of power. I, along with many other world leaders, have embraced that goal” – Barack

Obama, March 28, 2011

Iron Man, it is.

Saudi King.. did I just say king? like kingdom? a political system in which people don’t get to elect the ruler? and every prince owned a ministry? anyway, Saudi king the strategic ally of the US is now facing protests inside his own country, facing protesters who are calling for political reforms as he’s helping another dictator in Bahrain to oppress people…

Oh God, look at Mubarak, he’s having a heart attack, I wonder why his best friends in Israel aren’t paying him a visit?

Countries in the Middle East are making efforts to establish democracy in the region but the US seeks to abort such efforts by backing the use of violence in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, people must be aware that the US will be never wanting democracy for them, the US is trying to make Libya another Afghanistan while it doesn’t have to be that way. The US bombs Libya with uranium bombs.
the US is the strongest supporter of dictatorship and enemies of democracy in the region, since dictators work in the favor of imperialism, instead of working in their own people’s interests.
the US has nearly exposed itself completely as it got so silent over Bahrain crack down, also the US media have been ordered not to cover news on the government’s brutal crackdown on Bahraini people. Reports from the Center’s colleagues in the United States say “In the US some news agencies and TV stations were asked not to report on Bahrain and not to embarrass [President Barack Obama’s administration,”
the US has chosen to keep silent over ongoing atrocities in Bahrain due to its support for the country’s authoritarian regime which is indeed shameful.

Bahraini forces rape, kill female poet
Someone has to do something! the US is only dragging itself to hell with exposing itself as it supports Saudi kingdom the most cruel dictatorship in the world, the most dangerous extremist sect in the world named wahhabism to send troops to Bahrain and do all these horrible stuff, God knows how many similar cases like that happened and it just didn’t get reported.

Propaganda Against Iran; A Few Questions

March 11, 2011 8 comments

Iran Has/Wants Nuclear Weapons?

To date, no concrete evidence has been presented about the existence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran. Each and every inspect report by the IAEA and the National Intelligence Estimate has confirmed that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. Leader of Islamic Revolution has denounced nuclear weapons as un-Islamic and stated unequivocally that Islam forbids the “production and stock piling of nuclear weapons.” The Iranian fatwa against nuclear weapons is a registered document with the UN. Iran has been the only country to lobby for a nuclear-free Middle East. In contrast, Israel has yet to agree to a single IAEA inspection, and its nuclear weapons plant in Dimona is an open secret used to intimidate the Palestinians and neighboring countries.

Iran Threatened to Wipe Israel off the Map?

The world hears incessantly how Iranian president Ahmedinjad threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” yet, not a single translation of this speech has been made to clearly prove he made this statement. In 2005, the newly-elected Ahmedinjad was giving a speech at a conference in Tehran about Zionism. He quoted the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, and said, “Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.” A direct translation of this is: “The Imam [Khomeini] said [the] regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.” The words “wiped off the map” are not to be found in that sentence, and any amateur translator will tell you nagsheh, the Persian term for map, is not found in that sentence. In the speech, Ahmedinjad further stated that just as the Soviet regime had fallen, the Zionist one would too. He did not say Israel was going to be wiped off any map. Obviously when the Soviet regime collapsed, was Russia wiped off the map? In the same infamous speech, Ahmedinjad called for a Middle East where Muslims, Jews, and Christians would live in a real democracy and in liberty.

For the record, Iran has not launched an attack on any nation in the past 300 years, but it has defended itself against assaults by other countries. Compare this track record to that of the biggest war monger in the Middle East, the same one that uses cluster bombs to take out innocent children.

The Iranians are Eagerly Awaiting the Arrival of “US Democracy”?

American-style democracy has taken over the Middle East; just ask the Iraqis and Afghans how happy they are post-American liberation of their countries. Operation Iraqi Freedom has only cost 1.3 million Iraqi lives to date. In the last Iranian elections, an overwhelming 85 percent of voters turned out to pick the next president, and practically every pre-election poll showed President Ahmedinjad with a significant lead over his opponents. However, the West continues to claim Iran is not a democratic country despite it being the only Middle Eastern country with transparent elections and a fully functional parliament. Western hypocrisy of this magnitude must be respected, and the West has yet to call its allies (Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia) for throwing political opponents in jail and never holding elections.

By all instances, Iran is a democratic society, but to the United States and its allies, the very existence of a democracy in Iran is a threat. They removed this threat in 1953 when they overthrew the democratically-elected government and put in the totalitarian Shah. Speaking of democracy and sovereignty, the US would know a thing or two about those terms, considering for the past 30 years we have tried to overthrow the Iranian government and laid siege upon siege on the Iranian people. More recently, Congress voted to allocate 120 million dollars for anti-regime media broadcasts into Iran. It doesn’t end there. The US also generously donated 60-75 million dollars to fund and support violent underground extremist groups MKO, one of the largest anti-Iran terrorist organizations. Democracy in the Middle East is synonymous with murderous and catastrophic regime change.

Iran Is Five Years Away from a Nuclear Bomb?

Every few months, the United States and Britain try to scare us out of sleeping at night by saying Iran is five years away from a nuclear bomb. Here’s the problem: Iran has been “five years away from a nuclear bomb” for the past four decades.

Obama was asked by a Washington Post reporter if he would “call on Israel to declare its nuclear program and sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.” The usually eloquent Obama stuttered his way through a response once he finally regained his composure and stated, “And, as far as Israel goes, I’m not going to comment on their program.”

Maybe he should leave Iran’s peaceful program alone and worry about the nuclear warheads Israel and India have.

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You Think Obama Is Evil, He Nuke Threatend Iran

July 6, 2010 Leave a comment as you know, in readjusting US policy on when launch a nuclear strike, Obama has repudiated the use of nukes against non-nuclear states with the exception of Iran which he termed an “outlier” along with North Korea.

What can you call this? something except nuclear armed terrorism? even tho Iran has always officially said its nuclear energy is for peaceful purposes only and it doesn’t have any military nuclear program, Iran has signed the (N.P.T), Ahmadinejad has always offered ways for nuclear disarmament, such as changing (N.P.T) to Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Treaty (D.N.P.T) and the nuclear disarmament  the core of its mandates through transparent, binding, and effective mechanisms buttressed with solid international guarantees, Ahmadinejad himself has always said “Peaceful Nuclear energy for everyone, nuclear weapons for no one”.

well let’s hold on here for a minute, why would Iran ever make nuke bombs? nuke bombs to be used against who? Israel? that’s the most stupid thing that I’ve ever heard, if Iran use nuclear weapons against Israel, first of all Palestine will be never Palestine again and Palestinians will be throwing stones at Iran after that, second Iran will be hosting thousands of nuclear bombs from US which will probably cause the complete destruction of Iranian race.

well everyone appreciates Americans for voting for “Change We Believe In” but unfortunately Obama turned out to be someone worst than Bush, and today he clearly threatens Iran with nuclear weapons.

Well what Obama has said is just a part of psychological warfare in my opinion, he wants to scare Iran with his nuclear weapons, but pity him, he doesn’t know Iranian nation yet, Iranians will never back off until they achieve their legal rights, and the religion we believe in will be never left alone, even if whole the world use nuclear weapons against us, i just have one message for Obama

“the Iranian nation will wake up for morning prayer, after nuclear explosion”

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