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Even as He Clashes With Israel, Turkey’s Erdogan is Displacing Iran’s Influence

October 3, 2011 2 comments

“I like Ahmadinejad (or, at least his rhetoric) but Iran has no influence and can’t make a difference.”
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at the Forum for International Law organized at Opera House by Cairo University Faculty of Economics and Political Science in Cairo, Egypt on September 13, 2011. (Kayhan Ozer / EPA)

It’s not much surprising to hear this from Erdogan, Turkey has recently planned to place NATO’s fast alarming radar on its soil, which is a move against Iran, but on the other hand, Turkey opposes Israel while that radar could possibly help Israel with the missile threats from Iran. Turkey wants to connect the Islam world with West which Turkish PM once said officially, but they are doing it in a weird way, Turkey seems to be wanting to take Iran’s place which is leadership of the Muslim world against Zionists by meddling in Syria’s internal affairs to weaken Iran’s influence in Middle east and with placing NATO’s radars; posing a threat to the superiority of Iranian missiles in region . And in meanwhile, Turkey hopes to gain support from Muslim world with opposing Israel, vowing legal action against Israel, threatening Israel with sanctions, cutting all military ties with Israel, kicking out Israel’s ambassador, giving deadline to Israeli politician to leave Turkey and such.

This is very much like the rise Ottoman empire. Erdogan has recently suggested Egyptians to form a secular government in Egypt, which was rejected by Muslim brotherhood. Well it seems to me like Turkey is trying to form its own block with secular allies like itself, but Erdogan is either so naive about the reality in Egypt, or he’s miserably wishing that Egypt would turn into another Turkey. Most probably Erdogan is being unrealistic about Arab revolutions in Middle east for some reason. Wait did I just say Arab spring? well it’s not Arab spring, but Islamic awakening. Yemeni and Libyan revolutionaries also said they are going to bring Sharia law (Islamic laws for society) for their countries once they bring down dictators. So it’s clear that just like Bush’s plan was failed, Erdogan’s plan based on unrealistic analyses will fail too. Middle east is religious, and I think Turkey is better off with Eurozone, or if they wanna stay in Middle east, they better deal with the reality.
Poll shows that a majority of Egyptians want to institute Islamic laws and cancel the peace treaty with Israel. In a recent poll by the Pew Research Center, all Muslim countries want Islam in politics and majority of them favor Sharia Law and this is it, Erdogan either deals with this reality, or he’s just gonna be another loser in the lost pages of history.
Where was Turkey 32 years ago when Iranians with the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini made the first revolution in Middle east against the former dictator king of Iran and called other Middle eastern nations to rise against the dictators in their countries too? Iran’s influence finally brought down dictators in Middle east, and I don’t think anyone could ever deny that revolutions in Middle east were inspired by Iran’s Islamic revolution.

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