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The United States Versus Democracy

As revolutions spread throughout Middle East, Bahrain has turned into a slaughterhouse for Bahraini people as Saudi Arabia sends troops to Bahrain to help Bahraini forces in oppressing people, the people who are asking for their legal rights such as an elections. the US’s silence over it is not surprising, the US itself is a big abuser of human rights but keeps complaining about human rights in the countries that do not work in interests of the its imperialism, actually that’s a cover for its own human abuses too.

Gaddafi, or should I say Iron Man?

“Of course, there is no question that Libya — and the world — would be better off with Qaddafi out of power. I, along with many other world leaders, have embraced that goal” – Barack

Obama, March 28, 2011

Iron Man, it is.

Saudi King.. did I just say king? like kingdom? a political system in which people don’t get to elect the ruler? and every prince owned a ministry? anyway, Saudi king the strategic ally of the US is now facing protests inside his own country, facing protesters who are calling for political reforms as he’s helping another dictator in Bahrain to oppress people…

Oh God, look at Mubarak, he’s having a heart attack, I wonder why his best friends in Israel aren’t paying him a visit?

Countries in the Middle East are making efforts to establish democracy in the region but the US seeks to abort such efforts by backing the use of violence in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, people must be aware that the US will be never wanting democracy for them, the US is trying to make Libya another Afghanistan while it doesn’t have to be that way. The US bombs Libya with uranium bombs.
the US is the strongest supporter of dictatorship and enemies of democracy in the region, since dictators work in the favor of imperialism, instead of working in their own people’s interests.
the US has nearly exposed itself completely as it got so silent over Bahrain crack down, also the US media have been ordered not to cover news on the government’s brutal crackdown on Bahraini people. Reports from the Center’s colleagues in the United States say “In the US some news agencies and TV stations were asked not to report on Bahrain and not to embarrass [President Barack Obama’s administration,”
the US has chosen to keep silent over ongoing atrocities in Bahrain due to its support for the country’s authoritarian regime which is indeed shameful.

Bahraini forces rape, kill female poet
Someone has to do something! the US is only dragging itself to hell with exposing itself as it supports Saudi kingdom the most cruel dictatorship in the world, the most dangerous extremist sect in the world named wahhabism to send troops to Bahrain and do all these horrible stuff, God knows how many similar cases like that happened and it just didn’t get reported.

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