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Israel’s Self Destruction

I will first show you what a rabbi once told me about state of Israel:
Rabbi Joseph Kolakowski December 23 at 10:07pm
“I don’t have any answers. My views are mostly religious and not political. The Talmud is clear that the Jewish people are forbidden to have an independent Jewish state before the Messiah comes. This was held by all Jews for close to 1800 years, since the failure of the Bar Kochba rebellion, and it is based on the Bible and the traditions from Moses, pbu. God did indeed give the Jewish people the Holy Land as part of our covenant with Him, but He took it away from us because of our sins. However, Jews are still permitted to live in the Holy Land, and it is certainly a good spiritual practice to live there, but we are forbidden to have our own Jewish government ruling the Holy Land until the Messiah comes. The only political solution I can think for the current situation is the One State Solution. This is because the Palestinian governments are very corrupt. It is well known that Arafat was a thief and a murderer, and he was not a good religious Muslim. The best thing would be if the Land would become a US-style democracy with full freedom of religion, and not call itself a “Jewish State”. Those who wish to practice their religions should be given full freedom, rather than the current system where different religions are allowed, but they are controlled by the government, based on the British system. Jewish, Arab, Druze, etc. would be free to have their own religions and cultures without the government interfering. It would be one state shared by Jews and Palestinians, and anyone else who lives there. Once the Messiah comes, though, Jews believe that the Holy Land will become a Jewish theocracy, and all people in the world will worship the One God, and live in harmony and peace, following God’s Will. We do not believe that everyone should become Jewish, but that choice is available. As long as someone believes in God and is a good person, based on God’s Law, particularly the Seven Laws of Noah, they will have peace and gain the blessings of Paradise.”

the british foreign secretary sent a letter to the leaders of a small but influential group who wanted to establish a Jewish state in what was then palestine. that letter was the balfour declaration and the group, the zionists. the balfour declaration is extremely important in british history. lord balfour wasn’t a particularly important foreign minister any more than he had been a particularly important prime minister. Lloyd-George was the prime minister when he wrote the letter to Rothschild organized by weizmann, but I wonder at the time whether he really understood the implications of that letter, it was a note really. he himself was deeply involved in the idea of Jews returning to Palestine, because he was an evangelical protestant christian. the other point was Britain desperately needed funds to fight the First World War and they wanted to be sure that rich Jewish families would help to finance them, but I think his evangelical christianity was a very important factor. even today, the christian zionists in america lobby the american government to continue supporting the zionist state even when they commit atrocities as they have been accused of. so that is linked to a money exchange? I mean there was no holocaust at the time it was 1917. when he wrote that letter to lord Rothschild, it was very difficult for lord Balfour to foresee the implications of this. The der Judenstaat written by theodor herzl and the newly established zionist organization conference in 1897 all talked about a jewish state, but I don’t think anyone foresaw the kind of state that exists today and most jews were anti-zionist. so zionism isn’t a jewish movement at all. it wasn’t like all the jews of europe had gathered together and asked for this. the population in Palestine was 600,000 people of which 10% were Jewish, 90% were palestinian muslims and christians and 99% of the land was owned by palestinians.

See pictures of Jews against Israel
israel is not able to endure a long war with a powerful regional opponent due to its geographical restrictions, in Lebanon 2006 war, the Israeli forces were drained very quickly after only few weeks of war, because israel does not have the geographical depth. all the regional wars against Israel have been limited wars and that is why they have not yet threatened the existence of israel, as you know more jews are leaving israel scared of hezbollah’s fast-growing power and iran’s imaginary nukes, propaganda made by west, today Hezbollah can bring destruction to Israel, as Ahmadinejad asked Nasrollah on phone “Close their case once and for all if they made a mistake again.”

Israel never really wanted peace
in the past decade, Zionist regime has faced a number of arab initiatives: the arab League peace plan, syrian offers to negotiate, palestinian willingness to move forward and even moderate declarations from hamas. successive Israeli governments responded to all of them with restraint and icy indifference (with the exception of the waning days of Ehud Olmert’s term as prime minister ), israel’s listless response to these proposals cannot be understood as coincidental or circumstantial; it is a pattern of behavior. and israel has never proffered its own initiative that would indicate a desire for peace. this leads them to the unhappy conclusion that Israel – both its government and its people – are not really interested in peace; at most, they make the sounds of peace, but that is not enough.
Israeli people? what israeli people? russians? arabs? anglo saxons? people who entered israel in the last 62 years now claim to be bani israel? it’s funny you can rarely find civilians in israel, as 90% of israelis are armed and are in military, they are bunch of savages I don’t see people in here.
that is the startling conclusion we reach if we consider how things have changed in the middle east in the two years, lebanon’s sunni prime minister, once a virulent critic, quietly made his pilgrimage to the iranian capital months ago. Israeli hopes of separating syria from Iran have been dashed. Turkey, once a strong ally of Israel, is now seeking better relations with Iran and with lebanon’s shiites.

Israel with no future
and no one wants to shoot a dead guy, we actually took away Israel’s future with not letting it to expand itself from Nile to Euphrates, now Israel has the thirst to start a war, but it can’t, it doesn’t have the power to, Hezbollah will bring an end to it if Israel attacked again, and more countries are everyday joining islamic axis of resistance led by Iran… a better future is all upon us.


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