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It All Started From Iran

It all started from Iran rising against its dictator 32 years ago, shah the one who ruled Iran for decades with cruelty, faced massive protests all over Iran.
Shah ordered Army to murder people in streets, over 50,000 people were murdered… but as Ayatollah Khomeini’s movement gained momentum, soldiers began to defect to his side.
A fight broke out between loyal Immortal Guards and the pro-Ayatollah Khomeini rebel Homafaran element of the Iranian Air Force, with Khomeini declaring jihad on loyal soldiers who did not surrender, Revolutionaries and rebel soldiers gained the upper hand and began to take over police stations and military installations.
After leaving of west backed Shah, Ayatollah Khomeini arrived in Tehran from France ,the welcoming crowd of several million Iranians was so large he was forced to take a helicopter after the car he was being transported in from the airport was overwhelmed by an enthusiastic welcoming crowd, crowds were now known to chant “Islam, Islam, Khomeini, We Will Follow You,” and even “Khomeini for King.” As Ayatollah Khomeini was so popular, simple people expected him to announce himself as the new King.
With arrival of Ayatollah Khomeini, he had all the power in his hand, but he asked for a free election anyways, he wanted to make sure people want Islamic Republic, not kingdom, and as 98% of people voted for YES to Islamic Republic, it was an end to different kingdoms ruling Iran for decades and selling different parts of Iran (Bahrain was separated from Iran only 6 years ago before Islamic Revolution) and arrival of democracy and free elections to this muslim country.

Ayatollah Khomeini’s message to Egypt decades ago

Iran may have successfully freed itself from west backed puppet, but still almost all Iran’s neighbouring countries were ruled by dictators, and till this day, kings and 3 decades presidents are ruling Middle eastern countries, and they are all armed and supported by west.
Mubarak is one of those puppets, Mubarak has been president in Egypt for more than 30 years, he’s a dictator, and just because he does things in favor of Israel, west supported him all these years, Mubarak truly served Israel to keep Gaza strip under siege, Egyptians are uprising for their right, to have free election, democracy, and they don’t want to be involved in the genocide against Gaza ppl with Israel.
Egyptian power structure is terrible, Mubarak former dictator of egypt called himself the forever president of Egypt, and the US considered him to be a strategic ally, listen to Joe Biden, he can’t keep his mouth shut, he said Mubarak is a strategic ally for the US, he didn’t say Egypt is.
but Egyptian revolution has just began, and it’s just at the beginning.
In Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, KSA and Tunisia right now people are in streets protesting against their dictators, UAE is just as well is a dictatorship, just like UAE, Saudi Arabia itself is a dictatorship, it’s a country where women’s basic human rights are being abused, Saudi is a family name, those idiots put their family name on the country, every prince owned a ministry, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar’s governments don’t really respect women’s rights to own their own business, choose future’s husband or even drive.
Actually the US realized dictatorships in the middle east such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan benefit it, so now it believes it made a great mistake bringing down Saddam, because, less dictatorships in the middle east means less trouble for Iran to unite all the muslim countries and rise against the Israel and the US’s illegal rights.
Thousands of Arabs died in weeks for their rights, do you think the idea of revolution just got in their minds? no they had it in mind to set themselves free someday, but they have been living in fear for a long time, but that fear is now gone… and there is no doubt that other Middle eastern revolutions are inspired by Iran revolution, what is now happening in Egypt, is what has happened in Iran 3 decades ago, which means Iran is 3 decades ahead of other middle eastern countries.

What’s going on in Iran right now? let’s hear it from an Iranian *points at myself*

Nothing. Every year, on 11th February, millions of Iranians every year come to streets like the old times in all streets and celebrate the anniversary of victory of Islamic Revolution, which cannot be ignored by any news media in the world, this year people also voiced support for Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions.
But on 14th February this year, the remaining thugs and rioters associated with anti Iran terrorist group MKO remained from Iran’s last year came to streets and again started to damage properties and attack people like last year, of course this is hilarious, i mean, if they were really a part of nation, they’d consider people’s true intention for the future of Iran on 11th February. Rioters armed with guns killed a Basiji person and an unarmed security guard with guns.
So what is this? CIA is so stupid! I ask CIA is this how you want to make revolutions in Iran? why don’t you learn some lessons from Islamic Revolution when soldiers were shooting at people, people reached soldiers to put flowers in their guns, and soldiers who refused to shoot people were killed by their commander.

Rioters tried to feed foreigner news media, and make it look like Iran’s a dictatorship like Egypt and Tunisia as well, but people who call Iranian officials dictators certainly don’t know who is a dictator, no one in Iran is in power without people’s vote directly or indirectly, well of course Iran has so many dictators too like rest of the middle eastern countries, with the difference in Iran dictators are not in power, sometimes they come to streets to protest majority’s decision.
These rioters are the ones who were supported by former dictators of Egypt last year, these rioters who voiced support for Egypt and Tunisia uprisings on 14th February 2011 were ppl who said “no Palestine, no Lebanon” last year in Iran streets, so I think it’s completely obvious that they’re only bunch of hypocrite thugs with CIA links, who only follow the US’s policies in Middle east.

As I pray for current revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, KSA, Libya, Jordan and Yemen, I know the fire that burns today in Iran is headed to Palestine,it is headed for a better future for all Middle eastern nations through all these dark ways, it’s a fire that shows Middle eastern nations the way to be free, it is a revolution.

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