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Ahmadinejad; Iran’s 21st Century Hero


“Political leader. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born Mahmoud Saborjhian on October 28, 1956, in the village of Aradan, near Garmsar, in north-central Iran, 82 miles southeast of Tehran. Mahmoud was the fourth of seven children whose father was a blacksmith. In 1957, the family moved from Aradan to the Narmak district of Tehran in search of better economic conditions. During this time, his father, Ahmad, changed the family name from Saborjhian (which translates to “thread painter,” the lowliest job in Iran’s traditional carpet weaving industry), to the more religious Ahmadinejad (“race of Muhammad” or “virtuous race”).

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad grew up in an Iran dominated by Western influence. Three years before he was born, the U.S. CIA aided in a coup to install the pro-Western Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi as head of state. Many Iranians, led by the country’s Islamic clerics, resented the Western incursion into Iran’s politics. Ahmadinejad held no interest in politics as a young boy. He went to primary and high school in Tehran, and excelled in his studies. He received high marks on the national university entrance exams, finishing 130th out of 400,000 students. He entered Iran University of Science and Technology in 1975 and received his undergraduate degree in civil engineering in 1979.

It wasn’t until he attended Iran University that Ahmadinejad became politically active. Though the Shah’s regime repressed all political activism and descent, Ahmadinejad secretly produced and distributed an anti-Shah propaganda magazine called Jiq va Dad (Scream and Shout). He joined the Islamic Association of Students in the Science and Technology University, a faction of the Office for Strengthening Unity between Universities and Theological Seminaries.”

That is an extract of Ahmadinejad’s biography.

All other Iranian presidents didn’t do much for Iran, we needed an active diplomacy, a clever policy and a faster progress in economy, for what we believed in we made a revolution, for what we all believed in we voted “YES!” for the establishment of the Islamic Republic, but we needed someone to take us there…we were sanctioned…and Iran presidents weren’t really doing much!

And then of course Iran’s 21st century hero showed up, with everything we wanted.

Why do you think US forced UN to impose the fourth set of sanctions on Iran? because Iran has been doing just great in economy in the last 5 years.

Also Iran’s economy rank is 16th, Ahmadinejad did a lot of good work for Iran, he gave life back to the Islamic Republic, Iranians’ last option is only and only Islamic Republic, before the establishment of the Islamic Republic, we used to lose our lands slowly because of the UK.

Before Ahmadinejad west used to say crap about Iran’s human rights, west impolitely used to aim Iranians’ beliefs, Islam, apparently west believes Islam is against human rights, i wonder why aren’t they worried about Saudi Arabia, where women don’t have equal rights with men, it’s funny when Hillary Clinton goes to Saudi Arabia (a real dictatorship)  and says Iran is a military dictatorship, the fact US really doesn’t care about the people in the Middle East, Mubarak in Egypt is a dictator too as well but as long as he’s got no problems with Israel, doesn’t really matter what he does to his people.

But Ahmadinejad asked some serious questions about human rights in west, but again Western news media bombard him with lies and slanders, some even went for calling him a Nazi.

With all the lies that west said about Ahmadinead, still after Ayatollah Khamenei, he’s the most favor leader in Iran.

The thing is Ahmadinejad always cared a lot about Iran’s security, he made Iran’s military much stronger, probably if he wasn’t president now, US would start an attack on Iran, US said it will make Iraq and Afghanistan good examples for other Middle east countries, but just look at those two countries now,  Ahmadinejad with a smart diplomacy beside aiding Syria and Hezbollah, forever saved Iran from any attack.

I do not think he’s nothing less than Iran’s 21st Century Hero, of course Iran had so many heroes during Iran-Iraq war or before and during Islamic revolution, people who died for the country, everyone was reminded, but without Ahmadinejad today, Iran could get back to where it was 100 years ago any second, when Iranians were trying to save Iran from east and west…. but it’s all over now, west will impose some sanctions, but nothing can stop Iran from becoming worldwide superpower, it’s only a matter of time before the US start world war 3 and make 2012 real or give up the middle east, Iran is the key to Middle east, and Middle east is the key to the world.

Iran, tell us the story of century, stories which are hard to believe, story of resistance, sufferings and the victories.. there will be stories of better days, and people listening to them, you will never stop telling stories, they are real.

  1. September 13, 2011 at 4:16 am

    wow, I love it. Great, Shervin! May I repost this? Do you read and leave comments at the race for iran website?

    • September 13, 2011 at 6:07 am

      Thanks! and yah sure you can repost it, and no I have never visited that website, but i will check it out later.

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