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You Think Obama Is Evil, He Nuke Threatend Iran

https://i2.wp.com/static.howstuffworks.com/gif/nuclear-bomb-test.jpgWell as you know, in readjusting US policy on when launch a nuclear strike, Obama has repudiated the use of nukes against non-nuclear states with the exception of Iran which he termed an “outlier” along with North Korea.

What can you call this? something except nuclear armed terrorism? even tho Iran has always officially said its nuclear energy is for peaceful purposes only and it doesn’t have any military nuclear program, Iran has signed the (N.P.T), Ahmadinejad has always offered ways for nuclear disarmament, such as changing (N.P.T) to Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Treaty (D.N.P.T) and the nuclear disarmament  the core of its mandates through transparent, binding, and effective mechanisms buttressed with solid international guarantees, Ahmadinejad himself has always said “Peaceful Nuclear energy for everyone, nuclear weapons for no one”.

well let’s hold on here for a minute, why would Iran ever make nuke bombs? nuke bombs to be used against who? Israel? that’s the most stupid thing that I’ve ever heard, if Iran use nuclear weapons against Israel, first of all Palestine will be never Palestine again and Palestinians will be throwing stones at Iran after that, second Iran will be hosting thousands of nuclear bombs from US which will probably cause the complete destruction of Iranian race.

well everyone appreciates Americans for voting for “Change We Believe In” but unfortunately Obama turned out to be someone worst than Bush, and today he clearly threatens Iran with nuclear weapons.

Well what Obama has said is just a part of psychological warfare in my opinion, he wants to scare Iran with his nuclear weapons, but pity him, he doesn’t know Iranian nation yet, Iranians will never back off until they achieve their legal rights, and the religion we believe in will be never left alone, even if whole the world use nuclear weapons against us, i just have one message for Obama

“the Iranian nation will wake up for morning prayer, after nuclear explosion”

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