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The Bigger Voices, The Bigger Guns

do you remember old times? oh of course you weren’t born in that time when Japan was begging the U.S.A for surrender but the US wanted to use the nuke bomb to show USSR that it had developed it and the second dropping was to show USSR it wasn’t afraid to use it, The war was well over when the bomb was dropped, that’s why USSR never invaded Japan for the fear of the bomb…well what a perfect policy, I think that made USSR back off, brilliant indeed, well of course 1 million Japanese died but US made it.

A friend of mine was asking me how come world didn’t do anything when US killed 1 million people?

i told him, you’re such a simple guy, look now, Gaza has been under a siege for 4 years, in 2009 Israel attacked them and killed 1400 people and injured too many, and still we can’t send them enough food and med, and whole the world is just watching, why do you think no one does nothing?

he said that’s what i wanted to know, i told him when you got BBC, CNN, CBS, Fox, NY Times, Guardian, EuroNews, etc etc and so many other big news media, more than half of the world listen to your news media, you’ve got a big voice, and how many news media do you think for example we have? we only have a PressTV and how many people do you think listen to it?

-not a lot of people

-that’s right, well still many people listen to Press TV, but let’s not compare it with the western news media, they’ve got the bigger voices, and the bigger guns, well not a thing to be worry about, people who look for the truth, will find it even if we can’t hear our own voices ourselves…

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