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Iranians Remember Flight 655 Victims

how could we ever forget?

On July 3, 1988, the guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes launched two SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles, downing Iran Air Flight 655 destined for Dubai. All 290 passengers onboard were killed, 66 of whom were children.

The US has so far refused to issue an apology, arguing that their naval officers had mistaken the Iranian Airbus A300 for an F-14 Tomcat fighter…even if that was a mistake, an apology wouldn’t cause the downfall of the US government and  i wonder why naval officers got medal when they went back to the US, it’s prolly good to make mistakes in the US navy, especially when you mistake Airbus A300 for an F-14 Tomcat fighter….how shameful.

here’s the list of victims:

Nationality↓ Passengers↓ Crew↓ Total↓
Iran 238 16 254
United Arab Emirates 13 0 13
India 10 0 10
Pakistan 6 0 6
Yugoslavia 6 0 6
Italy 1 0 1
Total 274 16 290
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