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Iran Sanctions, Do They Really Work? Ever Worked?

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1803

None of these “sanctions” have had an effect against Iran, they won’t have any effect because Iran knows that Obama isnt a threat and China and Russia will water down the sanctions

What is the definition of insanity again?

The fourth set of sanctions were imposed because West suspects Iran’s nuclear program is aimed at making atomic bombs, Iran saying its programme is for peaceful purposes.

Show me one example where sanctions have worked.

If Iran really wanted nuclear weapons, no one really could stop it, GW Bush tried to turn Iran into a bogeyman for his own political purposes, but he wasn’t even able to bomb Iran. Obama certainly isn’t going to bomb Iran, Iran is just too well defended, no one has the ability to start an attack on Iran.

Iran would start inspecting foreign vessels in Persian Gulf, a waterway crucial for global oil supplies, if its ships received such treatment under new U.N. sanctions, well what on earth is Obama thinking? no one can sanction a country that has full control on Persian Gulf and Hormez.

well Iran to prove the world its nuclear program is not aimed at making bombs,  signed an agreement over a nuclear fuel swap with Turkey and Brazil designed to allay international concern over the Islamic Republic’s atomic ambitions.

Iran said it had agreed to swap 1,200 kg of its low-enriched uranium for higher-enriched nuclear fuel, to be used in a medical research reactor. The exchange would take place in Turkey, Major world powers had urged Iran to accept a months-old IAEA plan to ship 1,200 kg (2,646 lb) of its low-enriched uranium — enough for a single bomb if purified to a high enough level — abroad for transformation into fuel for a medical research reactor, so what is the meaning of the fourth set of Iran sanctions?

so what does this tell you? West is not really worried about Iran’s nuclear program, it just doesn’t want Iran’s progress in any way.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has become self-sufficient over the past three decades by turning US-engineered sanctions into opportunities in fields that even some countries which are not sanctioned could not dream of.

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